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Best File Manager for Android!

ES FILE EXPLORER is way better than most of the phone’s inbuilt file manager. On the Homepage it shows all d images and videos on a single click, just like gallery. It also shows music, documents and apps installed on your phone, all at one place. Besides functioning  as a file manager, ES also works as an app manager for you to install, uninstall, backup apps and a note editor for editing text. ES has a cleaner too, which helps to clean all junk files from your device so that you don’t need to install too many other apps on your device.

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Unlike your device’s file manager, ES has got Tools. Many features like cloud, remote manager, network, file sharing, system manager and recycle bin are included. ES gives you a music player too. You can also see hidden files on a single click. ES has also got an option of Bookmarks. Also it allows you to add any files or folders or apps to favorites so you can access them quickly.


ES also shows how much memory is used and how much space is left in your sdcard(s). Zipping and unzipping with encryption also comes in handy when you need it. Adding cloud accounts is as easy as logging into them. There’s support for Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync and more and once you’ve set up your cloud storage accounts, you can view, edit, and move files in the exact same manner as your local files. This makes it really very easy to move large amount of data from your device to the cloud storage, all from your phone or tablet.

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