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Best Keyboard for Android!

Swiftkey keyboard is an android keyboard replacement which is also a Google Play Editor’s Choice app. Almost all of us have a predictive keyboard on our smartphone, which suggests upcoming words for super-fast typing. But, Swiftkey has got a great auto-correct feature, which actually works. Besides, it also predicts words for you.

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The new update has made typing more easier for the users as the app can now predict next two words at once. In addition to double word prediction, Swiftkey also has added new themes, languages and more. The words you type frequently, Swiftkey saves them automatically and predicts those words when you type the initials of those words, the next time. This prediction also works for large sentences.

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Long pressing on the keyboard opens up other options like, special characters and punctuations. You can also decide the time, you want to hold the key to get special characters or punctuations. The keyboard’s predictions are faster yet more accurate. Swiftkey even inserts missed spaces for you. It also provides you with the feature of typing with a swipe. All you have to do is swipe your finger over the letters to make a word and release your finger.


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