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Classic Coffee Giveaway

Classic Coffee GiveAway

We are giving away One of India’s premium blends to the best stories! Participate in submit your story now and stand a chance to get any one of the amazing blends.


About Classic Coffee:

Classic Coffee is an offering from Harley Coffee LLP, a company that specializes in the cultivation and production of finely crafted coffees. The company draws on the heritage of the Classic Group, a conglomerate with interests in diverse sectors, which is led by 4th and 5th generation coffee planters. The company’s assets included coffee estates in Sakleshpur and Chikmagalur, both over 100 years old and home to some of the finest, award-winning coffees grown in India.

Four Blends that they have:

Classic Blaze
Wake up to this perky, heavy-bodied coffee. Grab a freshly brewed cup of this roast with a nutty fragrance, rich moutfeel and pleasant bitter aftertaste, to start your day the right way.

Classic Matinee
Are you toiling away? Indulge in a light bodied cup of coffee, filled with flavor and sweet citrus acidity for a smooth mouthfeel. It’s our way of inspiring you to rock the rest of your day.

Classic Sundowner
As you unwind in the evening, savor this fine coffee with a rich mouthfeel, balanced flavors and a mild bitter aftertaste. Best enjoyed in the company of good friends & conversations.

Classic Afterhours
Sign off with reflections of a day well spent and a mellow cup of a bright and flavorful brew that combines notes of hints of spice and pleasant citrus to create a smooth body that winds you down.

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