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Google Assistant On Marshmallow And Nougat Devices (No Root)

Google Assistant, the new intelligent, conversational virtual assistant, was only officially available for the new Google Pixel smartphones. But not anymore, now you can officially get google assistant on your marshmallow or nougat Android devices. Ask your assistant questions, tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. All you have to do is just start with “OK Google” or touch and hold the home button.

Google Assistant           


Not only question, you can also play games with your assistant when you are bored. Just tell it “let’s play a game” or “I want to play” and it will give you few options to choose. Select whichever game you like and your assistant will make sure that you are not bored. You can ask it your personal details and it will tell everything that it knows about you. You can also tell it to remember some details which it doesn’t know. Also one can send a message or make a call just with their voice.


Steps to get your own Google Assistant :

  • Download Google Play Service beta. Make sure the version is 10.2.98 or higher.
  • Now open play store and type google and open the official google app (or get it from here).
  • Now scroll down, at the end you will find an option to become a beta tester.
  • Click on i am in and wait for few minutes till you get the approval. Once that is done you will find the latest beta version so just update it.
  • Once both the apps are installed go to the settings, then scroll down to find language and inputs option and open that.
  • Now click on languages here you have to select English US as your primary language and if you have any other language assigned then just remove it.
  • Now you are almost done after setting US English as default language. Go back to setting menu and find apps section and open it.
  • Now from here you have to find google app and open it, now go to storage then manage space and from here you have to clear all data. The same thing you have to do with the google play services.
  • Once that is done go back to home screen and clear all apps from the recent window and make sure no app is running in the background.
  • Now, all you need to do is simply tap and hold the Home Button of your Android smartphone.
  • It will show you a popup asking you to get started with Google Assistant on your Android smartphone.


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