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Google’s New Video Calling app

Google’s new app, duo, is a simple video-calling app for android and ios. Android customers will probable revel in using duo to video-call all their friends, iphone owners won’t find it compelling enough to ring up fellow iphone users. But, it can virtually come to be their move-to app while calling up a friend who uses android.

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Duo’s unique feature is Knock Knock, which gives you a preview of who is calling by firing up the camera on the other end of the line. If you’re initiating the call, you’ll see a little notice that says your video is visible, which means the other person can see what you’re doing right at that moment in real time. Android users can see Knock Knock regardless of whether Duo is opened or not. On the iPhone though, you’ll only see it if you’re using the app. Otherwise, you’ll just get a little notification saying someone’s calling you.Tap on the contact’s photo or name and your video call will begin.


Google will remind you the video is live to other user, even if they have not picked up the call yet. This is similar to FaceTime, where the video is live before the call is picked. And no, you can’t do group calls with this. The Limit Data Usage option is on by default in this app, and in the settings you can add a list of Blocked Numbers as well.

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