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What is the most frustrating thing other than an empty Nutella jar ? Your phone battery running out, right ? Since, smartphones have become one of the necessities of our lives and with the increasing features and speed the battery life seems to be degrading. And especially when you are on the go mobile devices battery goes dead so you can’t use them, this is frustrating and annoying.

If this has happened to you – you know exactly what I mean.

This is where having  a portable power bank charger can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of our mobile devices.

Hamee-India provides wide range of power banks with various mAH and cool designs.
They provide various powerbanks categorised on basis of the mAH.
You can get the following series
5000 mah
8000 mah
10000 mah
13000 mah
One does not usually associate power banks as personalized items but this is exactly what Hamee offers. Just as with mobile covers, the online site offers power banks with designs and the favorite Marvel Characters, Disney and many more.


What could be your best friend after a dog? Your mobile, right? And off course you always want to protect your best friend. And to protect your phone from any physical damage you need a good quality mobile cover or mobile case. Now, you not only need a cover which is protective but you also need a cover which makes your phone look attractive. Mobile covers are an essential accessory that form a part of a smartphone owner’s repertoire. Everyone loves a cover that reflects their personality and their personal choices.

Hamee-India offers a wide range of their quirky and interesting designs, not just logos but also characters from your favorite movies. Moreover, a wide range of models are covered by this site. There is bound to be one that not only fits the phone but also appeals to everyone.

You can shop for covers here.



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