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Messaging platforms are now more popular than social networks – and a new real-time storytelling app is hoping to capitalize on the trend. Last Seen Online offers “a new genre” to the Whatsapp generation.

Last Seen Online is real-time chat story about a missing girl, Amy Morris. By downloading this app you now have access to her messages and will start receiving texts in real-time from her family and friends as they realize she never made it home.


You’ll start receiving messages one day after downloading at 08:17 AM. Last Seen Online is the first in a series of real-time chat stories to be released in 2017. More stories are on the way!                     

Downloading the app let’s you have access to the messages of Amy Morris a 25-year-old girl who disappears following a night out. Over the next 7 days, you’ll receive messages from her family and friends as they realize she never made it home. The story begins in real-time the day AFTER you download the app at 08:17 AM. Until then, take a look through the messages and see how it all started – we recommend starting with ‘Amy’s 26th. Remember to keep your notifications turned on for the most realistic experience.


The conversations are very much realistic, like we chat in our daily life.. And not like you will get a feeling that you are reading the dialogues of a scripted play or a TV show. This app gives you a real life experience especially because of the notifications.


The Story:

Last night, Amy Morris was out with friends celebrating her 26th birthday. She never made it home.
Read all her conversations she had before she went missing and start receiving REAL-TIME messages from her friends and family as they realize that Amy is missing.

Over the next 7 days, you’ll receive texts, audio messages, images and videos as you’ll delve deep into the life of Amy Morris and experience a gripping story told like never before.

This app offers excitement and thrill along with a great story.

To make it more realistic you can explore her on her social media accounts like Instagram- Amy Morris

Can you solve the mystery behind her disappearance?


Check out http://lastseenonline.com/




Click here, to DOWNLOAD the App.

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