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Me and Earl and the dying girl – Book Review

“If after reading this book you come to my home and brutally murder me, I do not blame you.”

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl follows Greg Gaines, a student who makes movies or at least tries to, with his friend Earl Jackson. Then, one day, his mother forces him to be friends with a girl who has leukaemia. From there, according to Greg, begins the downfall of his life.

So. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl. Where do I begin? Whatever good things I’m about to say, the book is much, much better than that. Honestly.

Humour? Check.

Finely written characters? Check.

Amazing writing? Check.

More humour? Check.

Even after all the above things, it had an impressive plot? Check, of course.

I had put down the book twice before I finally picked it up again. But, I’m glad I did pick it up again. The book was immensely funny. Putting humour with such a delicate topic (cancer and dying) is truly awe-inspiring. Not everyone can do it.

Also, maintaining the differences between the characters is not an easy job, but Jesse Andrews did it amazingly.

Even if this book doesn’t fall in your desired genre, you should pick it up. Because it is one of those books which shouldn’t be missed.

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