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The Micro-Fiction MashUp

Make words. Not war.


After celebrating the first ever Micro-Fiction Fan Fest in the country, we decided it was time to do something more for our community of writers and readers. Come August 5th, we are calling out all the fans of this genre and beyond to join us for an evening of wordplay.


The Micro-Fiction MashUp

We will be handing out a few lines from classic tales/poems/songs to the audience and they will be allotted 15 minutes to come up with their own continued version of it. Our super talented judges (Aastha Atray and Sharin Bhatti) will then select a few pieces and the winners will be asked to perform their piece live. It is kind of an open mic. There will be a cash prize for the winners. We will begin the evening with a panel discussion on “Keeping up with micro-fiction” wherein we will talk about getting creative, making those 6 words, 140 characters leave the same impact that a 1000 word story will. How do you keep up when the attention spans are getting shorter, gratifications are getting more instantaneous and you still want to fit in by thinking out of the box?


Event flow:

Panel Discussion (5 pm onward)

  • Arunoday Singh (Actor, poet)
  • Hoezay (Social Media Influencer)
  • Urmin (Rj, Snapchatter)
  • Nikhil Taneja (Writer, Producer)


The panel discussion will be moderated by Shakti Salgaonkar.


MashUp (Judged by Aastha Atray & Sharin Bhatti)

Closing Performance by Aastha Atray


We are also collecting books (toddler to college, fiction/non fiction) for a drive to build a mobile library in Kashmir (#booksforkashmir). We will be putting up a kiosk at the venue for people to come and donate their books.


About Us:
Two girls driven by the passion and enthusiasm to shake things up wherever they go have joined hands together to get some wordplay for the millennial just like themselves.


Khushboo Balwani Rawal owns and runs an event management company called Mumbai Maven that looks after 20 Downtown, an event gallery in SoBo. She gets to have a great hair day every day being the Creative Head of her sister’s salon Hair Ok Please. A double Masters in Commerce and English Literature, Khushboo is a valiant grammar nazi. She loves her coffee strong, and her cars fast. She is a closet poet and dancer.


Hiral Malde Shah, the effervescent Radio Kid is found @Fever 104 FM. Young, enterprising and the one with the people skills is Hiral for you. Loads of friends and loves to party, she runs a celebrity PR Company. She knows the right people at the right places (Now you know where to find her.) She comes with a little portion of sparkly magic. 

Together they are running out of pages to pen down their projects.

Venue: Antisocial Khar, Mumbai.

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