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Milofy – A Meet Up App For Couples

Milofy is one of a kind app. It allows couples to find like-minded couples and find an activity in their city to hangout/attend as a couple squad. The aim of the brand is to get back ‘Social’ into social networking. This app helps couples who have moved to new cities find friends easier. Couples who have a routine life can get out with new couples and find the spark back into their relationship. Milofy has recently launched in India in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi & Chennai. Here’s the link to Milofy.
People, especially couples are more isolated than before despite the many advances in the social media space. Many couples opt to stay-in and do what’s familiar because they are engrossed in work, busy with family responsibilities, or simply relocated to a new place. All too soon, they wonder what happened to the relation, the bond they once had!
The app enables you to easily find and socialize with couples based on your personality and interests. Couples can engage in activities that range from outdoor sports, fitness workshops, art classes, food & drinks, plays, pubs, orchestra and many more fun events. The app ensures that you meet other trusted couples like yourself. This is one of the most beautiful Social App for Android, one can use. You can also have a look what user says about this app at the reviews on google play store. I have tried this app and found this app very helpful. The design of this app is quite amazing and it’s very much easy to use.

Making it fun to be couple again:

A couple can enjoy the company of other trusted couples much like themselves with the help of Milofy. The Milofy app does all the work, making matches to couples based on your preferences while encouraging you to try something new with recommended curated experiences. Whether you’re new to town or just looking to get off the couch, Milofy can bring that spark back to your social life.

Click here to take a look at Milofy website.

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