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Mini Militia – Shooting Game

Basically Mini Militia is a multi player army shooting game. One can combat with up to 6 players via online gaming and up to 12 players with the local Wi-Fi hotspot. You can shoot with various guns during the battle. If you are a shooting game addict then Mini militia is the best solution for you. Mini Militia game has become popular in the past few months among the teens. To  be specific it’s quite popular among the college students.



There are small maps in which users have to navigate around using jetpack boots, pick up a range of weapons including a machine gun, a rail gun, a flamethrower and a shotgun. There are also health pick ups, and areas to run, camp and hide. The maps are not too large though. There are dual stick controls, one for movement and the other for shooting. Firing will need a little getting used to, there is no continuous fire, and you have to keep swiping at the right control to fire. Grenades and melee weapons are also available.



The star feature of the game is the seamless multiplayer. The game does this one thing very well, and this is what makes it so much fun. Users can just join the same game on Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi set up on any one device. This is just about the best game on both stores right now for groups of people to get together and play. Despite the cartoon-like graphics, the rounds feel like rounds of Counter Strike. They are fast paced, and the map design is good enough that you are at no point too far away from the action, even if it is just one on one.

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