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Let’s break a myth here, I’ll tell you what a headset is. A headset is a device that combines a headphone with a microphone. Headsets are made with either a single-earpiece (mono) or a double-earpiece (mono to both ears or stereo). Headsets provide the equivalent functionality of a telephone handset but with hands-free operation. There are few different types of headsets, like a normal headset and a gaming headset. Normal headsets are used for calling, watching movies and other entertainment stuff. Whereas, Gaming headsets are specifically designed for gaming and provide some additional features that can be beneficial for a gamer.

Normal Headsets are basically high audiophile headphones which usually focuses only on the higher bass. They also cost a bomb. Although gaming headsets mainly focus on the trebles. Headphones do generally have better sound quality, but good gaming headsets are designed for gaming. They are usually more comfortable for longer periods of time, are more convenient that headphones and a separate microphone, and generally look cooler, even if they’re not flashy. When you’re gaming you won’t be paying much attention to the sound quality, but more to the directional sound to tell where people are coming from. I believe both types are great for their intended uses, if you’re making or editing music, you should get a nice headphone, if you’re gaming, you should get a good gaming headset.

But imagine, if a gaming headset can perform both the task. Wouldn’t it be great? It will also save your pocket as there will be no need to buy two different types of headsets to enjoy two different kind of stuff.


HyperX has developed few headsets which are very much capable to do the above mentioned work. No doubt HyperX headsets are the best when it comes to gaming, but now it will also support Virtual 7.1 Surround sound. Virtual 7.1 Surround sound provides you with an upgraded level of audio precision that gives you a competitive edge. It also supports DOLBY Surround 7.1 which makes it even more compulsive. The headset has simulated 7 positional speakers that pump out precise sound with distance and depth. Turning your audio entertainment into cinematic experience. It has advanced USB audio control box with DSP sound card. It’s in-line audio control saves you from digging through console menus to mute your microphone or adjust volume.

Multi-purpose HyperX headsets:

1.HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger™ is the ideal headset for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, superior sound quality and added convenience. At just 275 grams, it’s comfortable on your neck and its ear cups rotate in a 90-degree angle for a better fit. Its 50mm directional drivers position sound directly into the ear for audio precision and gaming-grade sound quality. For ultimate comfort in prolonged gaming sessions, it features high-quality HyperX signature memory foam.


  • Lightweight headset with 90-degree rotating ear cups
  • 50mm directional drivers for audio precision
  • HyperX signature memory foam
  • Adjustable steel slider
  • Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup
  • Swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone
  • Multi-platform compatibility


2.HyperX Cloud

The versatile Cloud headset family is designed to fit anyone’s gaming needs, no matter their system, play style or personal style. Whether you’re looking for a headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound for your PC, or a stereo set-up tailored to meet the demands of console life, there’s a Cloud for you. Each Cloud model is designed to keep you on top of your game longer by providing award-winning comfort through signature HyperX™ memory foam. 53mm drivers deliver crystal-clear, precise sound, and the closed ear cups block out noise to fully immerse you in your games. Boasting a durable aluminium frame, every headset in the Cloud line is engineered to endure the rigours of daily gaming. Cloud’s detachable noise-cancelling mic ensures your voice will always be heard loud and clear.


  • Comfortable memory foam ear cushions with leatherette padded headband
  • Solid, durable aluminium frame to withstand the blows of daily use
  • Hi-Fi capable with 53mm drivers for supreme quality and immersive in-game audio
  • Pro-gaming optimised closed-cup design provides passive noise cancellation
  • Detachable noise-cancellation microphone
  • TeamSpeak and Discord certified so you’ll be heard loud and clear
  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One®*, Xbox One S*, PS4™, PS4 Pro, Mac®, Mobile** and VR***
  • Guaranteed — two-year warranty, free technical support


3.HyperX Cloud Revolver

If you’re serious about gaming, you need a headset that will give you the maximum competitive advantage. The HyperX Cloud Revolver™ line is premium-grade gear, meticulously designed to meet the demands of the elite PC or console gamer. Next-gen drivers separate out the lows, mids and highs to crank out precisely positioned, high-quality sound. The Revolver family has stereo and Plug-N-Play Dolby® 7.1 Surround models, which both feature studio-grade sound stages and next-gen drivers that excel in FPS and open environment settings. Both headsets feature durable solid-steel frames, and signature HyperX memory foam for award-winning comfort. Cloud Revolver is the headset to choose if you’re looking for top-tier comfort, audio quality and clear communication.


  • Studio-grade sound stage lets you hear your enemies before they hear you
  • HyperX signature memory foam provides award-winning comfort
  • Solid-steel frame for durability and reliability
  • TeamSpeak™ and Discord certified noise-cancelling mic for clear communication
  • Next-gen 50mm directional drivers provide precise, crisp audio
  • Multi-platform compatible – one high-quality headset for your gaming needs


To know more about this headsets and to buy, click here


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