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Positivity through Plants-Health Benefits and More

We live in cities that have reached their maximum pollution level. Our lives are sustained by machines which are all running on harmful gases that are continuously releasing toxic elements into the environment. The only way we can make the air we breathe a bit cleaner is by planting more and more trees in the environment. Planting more trees has become more than just a good habit; it’s a need of the hour.

Researches by NASA and AALCA have proved that keeping green plants in our living rooms brings in positive vibes to our environment. Certain plants also have health benefits as they help control Blood Pressure, reduces stress, give a sense of calm, peace and freshness. With such major benefits, plants also beautify our house and make them greener.

Areca Palm

This plant in your room freshens up the air by freeing it from carbon monoxide and other toxins. It also keeps you away from throat related problems as it maintains softness and coolness in the environment.

Snake Plant

Available at very cheap rates in the market, this plant has a unique quality, that it releases oxygen even at night while other plants release carbon dioxide. It is also known as mother in law of tongue. Having this plant at your home will help in keeping away the heaviness of your eyes and also prevent headache. In the bathroom, this plant will help get rid of ammonia gas.

Boston Fern

This plant purifies the air in the house. It requires a lot of maintenance but compensates by helping you breathe better and maintains moisture level in the skin.

Money Plant

Money plant is favored by a lot of people as is said, , it brings in good luck and harmony to the home. Also, it also purifies the polluted air in the environment.

Lucky Bamboo

This plant is said to be 5000 years old and keeping it at home brings a sense of peace and motivation within you. This plant is very popular in west. It generates positivity and brings in love and good luck and hence mostly kept in living rooms and work places.

Peas Lily

This green and shiny plant has a capacity to keep away the polluted air and better health problems like Asthma, Cancer and headache in people. It also has the power to balance bad odor with fresh fragrance.

Aloe vera

An aloe vera plant fits in wherever there is little scope of sunlight, be it your window or your balcony. It clears up the chemicals in the air and keeps your environment free from pollution. The gel found in the leaves of this plant is very good for your skin.

Weeping fig

There is possibility of a bad odor from heavy curtains and furniture of the house specially in damp weather.  In such situation, keep this plant in your living room or your bedroom and it can maintain freshness. Another plant named warneck dracaena keeps away the smell of house paint. You can also keep gerbera daisy in your bedroom, a high maintenance plant but just like aloe vera and snake plant, it increases the level of oxygen during night time.



Inputs by Dr. Madhu Kotiya, a renowned Tarot mentor, energy Vastu Expert,  Numerologist,  a spiritual, psychic healer and a channel to Arch angles and ascended masters.


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