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Rantings of A Mad Man – Book Review


4/5 Stars

“May the power of money be with you”

(From the back cover)

Rantings Of A Mad Man, by Abu Malik, is a book that urges you to make the most of your existence on Earth without taking life too seriously. The author’s perspective will surprise you, even shock you at times, and definitely leave you thinking for a long, long time.


The book starts with the bitter truth of life- that if you have money, you have everything. Respect, love, life and apparently a wife.

Rantings of a mad man is an utterly different book. It has got all the qualities of a good book- it’s unique, has humour and is very well written.

Abu Malik’s chapters of the books are basically guidelines on how to lead a good, happy, peaceful and satisfactory life. The principles are thoughts almost every one of us has had before, but maybe we were too scared to believe in them as a path to a successful life.

The book is actually so amusing that you will definitely read it in one sitting. The pages turn themselves and your eagerness to read further only grows after every page.

One of the chapters that I truly found unbelievingly funny and bitter was the one in which Abu Malik basically educates people that lying will lead to a happier life. Because when you tell the truth you’re denying somebody of something that their minds have already made up about what they want to hear. And hence, conflicts arise. And your mind then becomes this chaotic place. So it’s better to lie and tell people exactly what they want to hear. And that truth shocks you, doesn’t it?

The book, full of sarcasm and guidelines, is a must read. Especially for someone who’s starting anew and has had faced failures. It gives a new perspective to look at life.

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