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Tesseract by Fox my Box


Tesseract is one of the six infinity stones which hold great possession in the Marvel’s universe. It is an exquisite cube which repeatedly radiates blue energy. It has starred many Marvel movies like Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange. Tesseract represents the fabric of space. Due to its immense power, owning it is every Marvel villain’s dream. Currently, it is safely stored in Asgard.

An Idea Is Born

Fox my Box and XRIG established a purposeful relationship as their eventual appetite corresponded. Ankush Khera and Aditya Prasad lived with the desire to create an ultimate gaming machine. Ankush Khera is the owner of Fox My Box. He is known for his dexterity in the field of business development, surface technology, product designing, custom paint job, interactive design, corporate branding, market communication and public relation. He was contented with fact that good gaming machines possess a very customary display. So, He himself took the responsibility of changing the layout culture of devices Through strategic foreknowledge, thrust, and conviction he established a strong groundwork for his dream –Fox My Box.

Rise Of Tesseract On Earth

Bring a Tesseract into existence demanded a lot of dedication. Copious steps were required to be taken.

At this moment the gamer is forced to believe that Tesseract has popped up in the real world.

The Journey

XRIG synced up very well with Fox my Box services. The teaming up of XRIG and Fox my Box turned out to be a successful venture. While Fox my Box had all the praises for XRIG – their ability to create a deadly interior of a device. Aditya Prasad, founder of XRIG commented
“Our experience of working with fox my box was phenomenal. Ankush has a design sense like none and is as savvy about attention to detail as we are.”
Thus, both sides shared mutual happiness with the overall result.

The Specifications

measuring just 27 x 20 x 22.4 cm
32 GBs of DDR4 RAM
ultra-fast i7 7700K Intel processor
Graphics- NVIDIA GTX 1080 with 8 GBs of DDR5X memory
2 TB hard-disk takes care of mass storage
512 GB SSD provides lightning fast boot and load times.
Cooling duties are handled by a Noctua Cooler and fan running up to 3000RPM (!) – specially imported from Germany.

Availability: Made to Order
Price: On Demand


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Bhavyaa Kumar


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