The Star…

The steady lights of the street lamps,

The oblivion calling out your name,

The empty, dark streets dragging you further into the night,

Your tear stained cheeks, blood stained soul,

Your flaws spread publicly on the path you step on,

The littlest of tear in your stone cold heart,

The fear freezing the blood in your veins,

The melancholy in your eyes,

The trembling in your knees for a fleeting moment,

As you try to find me,

You walk for miles,

Leaving stardust in your wake,

Balancing your feet on the thin line of the horizon,

A moment of frailty,

And you fall off into space,

Float, more likely,

The claustrophobia takes its toll on you,


You laugh,

You think you see me,

And you swim towards me,

And you try and touch me, only to be burnt by a star.

You let go in defeat, and close your eyes.

Open them, and you’re in bed,


You wait for the night to arrive,

So you could see me,

In “the purest form of beauty-

The stars” as you always said.

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