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The life of a working professional is surrounded with data; information in the form of e-mails, documents, presentations, audio/video files becomes their lifeblood. In this scenario storage becomes imperative in order to store and manage their data. Imagine a scenario where you are out for an official event, you have documents related to the event, pictures taken at the event and then of course it’s the outdoors, who doesn’t take a day to relax and click some pictures of their own. Now imagine all of this data stored together in one single HDD which already has tons of other data saved. What you end up with is just a clutter, which often ends up with you losing some valuable content.

A simple, smart and sleek solution to save you from all this hassle comes in the form of Western Digital’s new version of the My Passport and My Passport for Mac, the company’s popular portable storage solution. This release is highlighted by a new modern design that features a half-glossy, half-textured design and is available in six distinct colors: black, yellow, red, white, orange and blue for the My Passport PC version, and just black for the My Passport for Mac. A USB cable is included with the purchase of a 2TB My Passport drive, and the cable is compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. Now all you need to do is segregate your data and store it in a specific colored HDD; say the yellow My Passport for your movies, red one to store all pictures, white for your business documents and so on.

Like all WD storage solutions, the My Passport (PC) leverages automatic backup with the WD Backup software. The new WD My Passport comes bundled with WD’s backup software, giving users a versatile way to manage their files via an easy-to-use, but still a robust interface. It also allows the user to automatically protect and backup their files to both on premise and off-premise (i.e. the cloud), the latter which is useful for increased protection and disaster recovery. The My Passport portable drives also feature password protection and hardware encryption.

My Passport

Available in a range of colors, the newly released WD My Passport remains a staple for consumers looking for a reliable portable storage solution. It doesn’t quite offer the blistering SSD speeds enthusiasts or media professionals need for accessing their files on the go, but the Passport certainly still is a fantastic option for those looking to back up files or transferring their content. It also offers good password protection with 256-bit AES hardware encryption as well as automated backup software that is versatile and very easy to use.

Security and backup software are included with the Western Digital 2TB My Passport drive. PC users are provided with three software applications: WD Drive Utilities, WD Security and SmartWare. The SmartWare backup software continuously makes copies of your files automatically, the WD Security software features password protection and data encryption, and WD Drive Utilities enables you to run diagnostic tests on your drive.


If you’re a bargain hunter looking for little extra storage, then the 2TB Western Digital My Passport should be on your radar. It comes in multiple colors, and includes essential features like automatic backup, 256-bit AES encryption, and password protection. So if you want a solution to manage the clutter of data you have in your system for now, you can buy it on Amazon in the price range of Rs. 6000.


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